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SummerHack, the perfect opportunity to make your dream project come to life. Held by The Univerity of Melbourne's largest student run computing society, CISSA! It is a one week friendly hackathon with $1000 prize pool, from the 3rd of Feb to the 12th of Feb. This summer is the pefect time to start the year with an exciting new project or finish off one you’ve got in the backlogs.


Register for free at https://forms.gle/R9YjmEihm9oPAJf77
Start: 3rd of Feb
Registration closes: 11:59pm 11th Feb
End: 11:59pm 12th of Feb



SummerHack will be held online in the comfort of your home.

Is there a theme?
No, all software projects are accepted.

Can I enter with an existing project?
Yes, however we will only evaluate work done during the competition. Do make sure that it is on GitHub.

Do I need to present a business case?
We do not evaluate the commercial viability of your project. However, we will consider whether your project will be valuable to your users.

Who can attend?
Any University of Melbourne student, undergraduate or postgraduate. Participants not studying at UniMelb can attend in a team which contains at least one UniMelb student.

What is the team size?
Teams up to 4 people can join. However, teams are ineligible for the individual project award.

How much to register?
This competition is completely free, register here https://forms.gle/R9YjmEihm9oPAJf77

Who can I contact?
For any questions and inquiries, ask us on our Discord at https://discord.gg/yRhcpTZgjX or email us at hackathon@cissa.org.au

Who runs SummerHack?
SummerHack is run by CISSA, the premier computing club at the University of Melbourne.


What to Submit

All participants are required to keep their projects on GitHub for the duration of the contest, with regular commits so we can verify the work was done during the competition. The link to your github project should be included in your registration form (you can edit the link on the form after submission)

Participants are encouraged to submit a video under 2 minutes presenting their project, and include a link to the video in the project README. This is a good opportunity to practice pitching. Technical challenges and additional information may be included in the README. Participants do not need to make their GitHub project public, however, they must add CISSA (https://github.com/CISSA-Hackathons) as a collaborator so we can evaluate your project.

If the project is a mobile app, or something that needs special software, please include instructions in the README on how to install and run the project for our judges.

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$1,000 in prizes

Most Creative

1.) 30% Flips ideas on its head: Is your solution unique and bends the rules of how we normally think about the solution?
2.) 15% Push tools to their limits: Are you using the tools pushed to their creative limits and used to their full extent?
3.) 20% Polish: Are the features complete? Is it easy and enjoyable to use?
4.) 35% Functionality and usability: Is the functions of your project not only creative but accessible and usable as well?

Best Technology

1. 10% Testing and Continuous Integration: Is the project properly tested?
2. 25% Software Design: Is the code well designed and clear to read?
3. 45% Technology: Does the project address the problem? Is the project technically challenging?
4. 20% Polish: Are the features complete? Is it easy and enjoyable to use?

Most unique

1.) 35% Is this an idea or product we've never seen before
2.) 15% Are there many close competitors out there?
3.) 40% Is the innovation well implemented with functional code and UI/UX
4.) 20% Does the product have scalability, does it have a clear product roadmap

Best product

1. 15% Does it solve a problem? Does the product offer a feasible solution to a real life problem.
2. 20% Is this idea unique? Does it have a USP (unique selling point)? Does it push the boundaries of creativity?
3. 35% Is it user friendly and aesthetic (UX/UI)? Will users be able to use the product easily? Is the design pleasing for the target audience?
4. 20% Is the MVP (minimal viable product) and it's core features clear and well executed?
5. 10% Is the product scalable and is the retrospect/ product roadmap feasible?

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Harrison Langdon

Harrison Langdon
Competitons Director for CISSA

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    We want to see your creativity shine!
  • Uniqueness
    Making something that is unique and unlike anything we've seen before
  • Innovative
    Building something that innovative and technologically impressive

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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